Digital transformation

How can your company successfully manage the digital transformation? Our modern digital world poses a challenge for companies. promantis accepts the challenge and is your strong partner in this process where the analysis of the status quo and the strategic objectives are the most important steps. Together we work out a concept to increase the company’s capabilities in the digital transformation and to realise all kind of processes.

Digital Transformation im Unternehmen

Key to successful digital transformation

Currently the digitalisation is a very important issue for companies. The real and the virtual world are merging to the Internet of Things (IoT). At this point an open exchange of information across all interfaces is decisive.

How do you realise the digital transformation?

There are many examples in everyday life:

  • Digital storage instead of file folders
  • Contact enquiries and order confirmations are done more and more by e-mail
  • Customers make individual configuration of orders

promantis helps you develop a digitisation strategy that matches with size, requirements, budget and challenges of your business. Our highly qualified consultants are at your side to help you choose the right methods and the tools for the digital transformation in your company. We help you to integrate innovations, show deficits and problems and find solutions. With accompany every single step and ensure that implementation runs smoothly, processes are well organised and costs are managed.

Industry 4.0 challenges the digital world regarding authenticity, integrity, availability and confidentiality.  These are only some examples. We are at your side when you move towards a future of highly individualised products and highly flexible production. Customers and business partners are directly integrated into business and value-added processes. Production is linked to high-quality services. Intelligent monitoring and decision-making processes conduct your company and value network and ensure optimisation almost in real time.