IT Security

Cybercrime and IT security are of existential importance for every company. Their protection has ultimate priority. A comprehensive analysis of your IT landscape shows the actual need for protection and reveals existing internal and external risks. We have expertise and necessary technology to counteract these risks and deliver security concepts tailored to your needs. We work with you to develop solutions in order to meet requirements of today and in the future.

It security in your company

We analyse the actual need for protection and uncover existing risks that could be a threat to your business. Data security and data protection should be important components of your company’s security concept. Servers, workstation computers, clients and cloud applications that store sensitive company data as well as data of employees and customers, have to be protected against unauthorised access.

SAP Security

How secure are your SAP landscapes? Can you answer this question clearly or do you feel unsure in this point? Let us carry out an assessment of your landscape together. You will receive a list of existing weak points. We support you in the evaluation and accompany you in the implementation of countermeasures. Furthermore, we offer you to maintain the achieved security standard with our Managed Security Service.

Data Protection

The data of your company is the most valuable asset. Their protection should get highest priority. The GDPR is binding for personal data. But protection should also be established for your internal data. Our data protection experts will work out a corresponding concept regarding protection and implementation.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Together with your experts, we create an IT security management system according to ISO 27001/2, which describes the planning, steering and control tasks to ensure and document the security of your company. The processes are tailored to your needs.

SAP Authorisation Concept

Studies have shown that SAP authorisation often is not taken too seriously. Minimum standards are usually used, which hardly provide sufficient protection for the data in the system. The security of the SAP system is very important. We are happy to support you in creating or revising your authorisation concept and implement it in your SAP landscape.