SAP authorisation concept

The security of your SAP business data depends largely on the access options and authorisations of the users in your company. These are defined and controlled in the SAP authorisation concept. The SAP authorisation concepts prevent any unauthorised access to services, programmes and transactions.

SAP authorization concepts

SAP authorisation concept

Studies have shown that SAP authorisation often is not taken too seriously. Minimum standards are usually used, which hardly provide sufficient protection for the data in the system.

The security of the SAP system is important. A well-thought-out authorisation concept is indispensable in order to guarantee

  • data protection
  • access control
  • audit security and
  • other things; otherwise there is the risk of unauthorised access to data worthy of protection. This can lead to legal consequences or damage to the company.

We support you in creating or revising your authorisation concept and implement it in your SAP landscape.