SAP Security

Incorrect configuration of software, software defects per se, software updates that have not been carried out or unauthorised access can potentially put a company at risk. SAP security is becoming more and more important. A change in thinking has taken place in recent years. For many of our customers, SAP security became the focus in order to minimise or eliminate the resulting risks for the companies. We support you in the security analysis of your SAP landscape and in the implementation of security measures.

SAP Security - increased security of your IT system

SAP Security - increased security of your IT system

How secure are your SAP landscapes? Can you answer this question clearly or do you feel unsure in this point?

We help you find answers to this question with our four-step approach:

  • Identification/Control
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Preventing dangers

Let us carry out an assessment of your landscape together. You will receive a list of risks and migration options. We will present this as a roadmap and support you in the process. In addition, we help you set up processes to maintain the level of security you have achieved.

The module, „preventing dangers”, ensures a comfortable real-time monitoring of your systems due to the corresponding alerting and the connection to the ticket or the SIEM system.