Migration or carve-out

The digital world is constantly changing. Your company’s IT has to adapt to the changes and face new challenges to remain competitive. IT carve-outs and migrations require special demands on IT staff and the company. Our expertise is much in demand, that’s why we support companies throughout Germany in the development and realisation of customised IT structures. We know what is important in these restructurings.

Migration oder Carve-Out

Migration or carve-out - flexible with minimal risk

Migrations and carve-outs require individual approaches. We develop the concepts together with you and your providers and adapt them individually to your needs and situation. In addition to the methodology and the selection of tools, we also take into account all necessary manual activities as well as legal requirements in order to minimise risks.

We are your independent consultants in all kind of IT projects.

Good preparation and analysis of data and vulnerable systems is the key to success in every migration and carve-out. First, we do a readyness check. It allows us to check your system regarding critical migration objects and system settings. When we plan your migration or carve-out we take your specific requirements into account. During the process we apply the corresponding methods and we are at your disposal in a very flexible way in order to use and integrate the existing structures in your company.

To ensure a successful implementation of migrations or carve-outs, a detailed cutover planning is indispensable. All interfaces must be identified and taken into account. Our experts and our experience will lead you through the entire process what will allow you to create a final detailled plan.