Digitisation in your company

What does digitisation mean for companies? What opportunities does it offer? Leading companies are talking about „Industry 4.0″ or „the fourth industrial revolution“. Networks combine machines, industrial processes and people in a very intelligent way. Many companies deal with the topic how the digital transformation can be managed, how they get prepared for the future and how they manage to stay prepared. Benefit from our experience in digitisation: We develop sustainable concepts and implement them in your company. promantis prepares you for future challenges.

Digitisation in your company

We digitize companies

Progressive development of digital technologies require new approaches. Existing business structures and products must be adapted to market requirements. The entire corporate culture is about to change. digitisation does not only mean transformation of analogue data and processes into the digital world. Digitalisation is constantly changing. It is a process of optimisation based on comprehensive analyses.

Digital Transformation

Currently the digitisation is a very important issue for companies. The real and the virtual world are merging to the Internet of Things (IoT). At this point an open exchange of information across all interfaces is decisive.

Data Science

promantis provides you with knowledge and expertise in the areas of Data Science, cloud-based computing, AI and ML. We help you design and implement the data integration pipeline, improve data feed integration (data feeds, data APIs), integrate intelligent agents (chatbots) and create an analytical model of corresponding processes.


In 2027 SAP stops the support for SAP Business Suite. Start the transformation to S/4HANA now. Our certified SAP activate project managers will support you during the entire period of transformation. We are at your side with all our experience during preparation, concept development, clean-up of the systems, as well as during implementation, go-live and follow-up support.


Expand your DevOps processes with us. We help you improve your DevOps systems, we define and automatise them. We ensure that your software is tested regularly and provide you with a selection of DevOps tools for smoother end-to-end integration.

Cloud Transformation

We plan your hosting strategy. We plan your digital future. Our experts deliver best solutions for the use of the cloud. We support your experts in developing the architecture, we are at your side during implementation and prepare you for daily operation. Need help introducing MS 365 and MS Windows 10? We give you support.